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Sycor is a global company that sells IT services and solutions goal is to find the best IT solution for you and your company. We work towards that daily with more than 600 employees around the world. The Sycor Group reaches the 700 employees distributed across 2

Ottobock is a German prosthetics company situated in Duderstadt with 49 local stations all around the world. It has been responsible for several innovations in prosthetics, including the C-Leg, a computerized knee joint that adaptively varies its passive resistance to suit the patient's different walking gaits, and the Michelangelo Hand, a fully articulated robotic hand prosthesis. In 2017, the company bought Bebionic, the high technology robotic hand, from the Steeper, US company that developed prosthesis, and has become the most high-tech company in upper extremities. Ottobock has been a partner to the Paralympic Games since 1988, and an international worldwide partner to the International Paralympic Committee since 2005. In 2016, the partnership was extended until the end of 2020.

A current anonimous employee describes the work environment at Sycor: ¨Low salary - Entry level consultants will get 42k Not much to do overall, I haven't been put on any project for the past 4 months. If you get along with the employee great, if you don't literally no one to talk to. Not a lot of opportunity for growth. ¨


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Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Interview process seemed very unorganized. Minimal to no training available for those new to the industry. No room for upward mobility Cons: No upward mobility, unmotivated upper management, outdated office and equipment"

Senior Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for as they do not stock very much if anything. Cons: Non"


"I worked at Sycor Cons: Pittsburgh focused , HQ controlled"

Manager says

"I worked at Sycor Cons: Local businesses forfeited for German HQ"

Current Employee - Functional Consultant says

"I have been working at Sycor full-time for less than a year Cons: Low salary - Entry level consultants will get 42k Not much to do overall, I haven't been put on any project for the past 4 months. If you get along with the employee great, if you don't literally no one to talk to. Not a lot of opportunity for growth."

Assistant says

"I have been working at Sycor Cons: part time, low pay, lots of work, people are sometimes demanding"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Sycor full-time Cons: Benefit is not good Less career opportunities"

Mark McCorkle says

"I understand that some recruiting requires direct email, but this company directly spammed me on multiple occasions to an email that is less than 4 weeks old and which has not been used anywhere outside of internal communications."

Julie Mendez says

"I am very unhappy with the order I placed for my mom. It was for bras for over $50 when we ordered at the end of March and haven’t received them. I’ve contacted them with no response. I’ve also tracked the order and the last tracking was 3/26 when it went through customs. Since we haven’t received them we’d like a full refund. It’s wrong that they haven’t responded to my emails."

Trustworthy sauce says

"They keep Headhunting candidates from our company in Berlin in an aggressive way. They say they focus on Germany but do not speak German. Would advise to stay away from these cowboys. Grüße aus Berlin"

Ahmed Farahat says

"I was in contact with this agency 3 months ago on behalf of my company to fill some positions, we didn't end up agreeing on the terms and we clearly communicated that we are not going forward with the hiring process, yet I kept being contacted via emails and phone calls, then being called again and emailed by other recruiters saying that their previous colleague has left and they are following up (as if a previous employee didn't write any notes!!), then you express you are not interested then you get contacted again via emails and phone from a 3rd recruiter, and they just CALL, they don't ask you about right timing or anything they just call, you are in a meeting or working they don't care. if you are willing to use their recruitment services be ready to be chased for life since it seems they don't have a database where they can mark a client as "not interested""

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